Future Litters

Spring/Summer 2025

There will probably be puppies
I just need to decide who will be making them !

The Process for being considered for an Anywing Pup
#1:  Submit a waitlist request.
#2: You’ll be contacted within a few days via email confirming receipt of you request (if you aren’t, then something went wrong with the transfer and you should reach out via our email address).  You will be instructed to call (this part is REQUIRED)
#3: Submit an Application. You will be contacted to discuss the details and given the opportunity to answer any questions we may have.  At that time we’ll make a determination as to whether or not you will be added to a list. If you are, you will be added according to the original date of your waitlist submission.
IMPORTANT!  If all three steps are not completed, you will NOT be put on a list.

Note:  Deposits are not required, or accepted.

If you’d like to be added to the wait-list for a future litter, click here and submit your info.
Note:  If there are multiple planned litters, please indicate your preference.

To submit an application, you can open a pdf by clicking this link  Puppy Application pdf
(you’ll have to save it to your device and then attach it to an email)

Or, go to the Puppy Application page and submit it online!