Anywing Pups


I have litters seldom and very selectively and take great care in researching possible mates.

I am very concerned about my puppies well being and where they go. All of my pups only go to Selected Homes. I work hard in planning their conception, I help deliver them and supplement their mothers care for them. The pups are raised in our home with constant exposure to people and other pets so that they develop true Labrador temperament. Loving, playful, and eager to please! They are introduced to pheasant wings (in the welping box), clipped wing live birds (@6-7 weeks), water, and guns as soon as they are ready.
Each puppy is unique in their own way, and show their personalities very early. I try to match my puppies with families that best suit their personalities and  with the person’s lifestyle and family composition. I reserve the right to make choices for my pups, and to not place a particular puppy with a particular family if I feel that this is not in the puppy’s best interest regardless of prior agreements.  In such a case, all money down would be fully refunded. Compatibility between puppy and family is very important to both the puppy and the adoptive family’s success with their new family member.

If you’re fortunate enough to be selected for an Anywing pup, you will receive a copy of parents pedigree and an AKC Limited Registration application. It will be well socialized ,dewclaws removed, and up-to-date on vaccinations and medications.
Additionally, I send puppies home with a small blanket that smells like mom and their litter-mates to ease in their transition to their new homes, a starter bag of puppy food and a record of their immunization and deworming schedule.

And, it will know what a bird is!


*   The adage “you get what you pay for” holds true with Lab puppies also!
Anywing pups are not inexpensive (by anyone’s definition).


Started Pups Available
(max. 2 per litter)

If you’d like to be added to the wait-list for a future litter, click here and submit your info.